The Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia – Kozani Greece, are jointly organizing a Post-graduate – Master of Science – program entitled:

MSc in Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Management in Buildings

Scope of the program is the development and diffusion of scientific knowledge and technical know-how on the design, installation and evaluation of a) Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and b) Energy Systems in Buildings (ESB). The program provides specialization on sustainable energy conversion technologies, on rational energy use and on environmentally conscious power generation.

More specifically, scopes of the MSc program are:

  • the diffusion of knowledge and technical know-how on the development and optimization of power generation technologies based on environmental friendly renewable energy sources,
  • to provide specialized knowledge on the design of highly efficient buildings with up to date energy management systems and bioclimatic solutions,
  • to prepare a scientific human potential able to serve fundamental values such as economic growth, environmental consciousness and sustainable development.

Upon choice, students will acquire a Master of Science (MSc) diploma on one of the following titles:

       i. Renewable Energy Technologies

      ii. Energy Management in Buildings

Admittance is open for graduates of Engineering or Science departments of Universities and Technical Institutes of Greece and abroad. Acceptance will be allowed, after evaluation, to maximum 50 students.

The program spans over an intensive 14 month cycle, starting each September, with two basic periods of lessons and one period of research leading to a MSc Thesis. Maximum time of enrolment is set to 3 years with an ability of a one year intermission.